Trees with Edible Leaves: PAI’s latest publication

The Perennial Agriculture Institute is very pleased to present our latest publication: Trees with Edible Leaves. It provides an overview of a remarkable group of crops, with details on nutrition and cultivation techniques. Over 100 cultivated species are described in detail, for both cold and tropical climates.

Trees with Edible Leaves is available as a free download thanks to the generosity of Trees for Climate Health, an initiative of Jonas Philanthropies. Thanks also to Eric Toensmeier’s Patreon supporters, and our fiscal agent Interlace Commons. The publication is under Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 2.0, which means you may share it freely for noncommerical purposes, with attribution. A special thank you to contributing author and “roving reporter” Erica Klopf who traveled all over Florida to taste and propagate a great diversity of species to be found in the state’s many botanical gardens and other collections.

We are at work on a Spanish edition. Please contact us if you are interested in helping to translate it into additional languages, as a translator or funder. In the future we would like to offer further editions with greater detail including an inventory of promising non-cultivated species.

You can email us at perennialagricultureinstitute [at] with any comments or suggestions.

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