Testing nutrition of cold-hardy perennial vegetables: Fundraiser

PAI is proud to be working with a team of Swedish perennial vegetable experts on a project to test the nutrition of several important species. You may recall PAI’s paper last year which reviewed the existing literature on perennial vegetable nutrition and found that some perennials are among the world’s most nutritious crops when it comes to addressing the deficiencies that are impacting billions of people in both the Global South and North. We also learned that no data, or only very limited data, are available for many important perennial vegetable crops. This project aims to fill those gaps.

This kind of testing is quite expensive. The collaborative aims to raise $5,000 to test a wide range of nutrients on four crops: linden leaf (Tilia cordata), hosta shoots (Hosta sieboldii), Caucasian spinach (Hablitzia tamnoides), and scorzonera leaves (Scorzonera hispanica). All funds will go to testing and associated costs – our team are all volunteering our time.

Please visit our fundraising page at experiment.com to learn more and to support our effort if you wish.

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