A new climate and agriculture publication from PAI Director Eric Toensmeier

Today Project Drawdown released a new publication, Farming Our Way Out Of the Climate Crisis, with PAI Director Eric Toensmeier as lead researcher. It addresses agriculture’s emissions contributions, strategies to reduce emissions from agriculture, and the potential for (and myths about) carbon sequestration.

Here’s a summary of some interesting insights – that every farmed part of the world has something to offer, though they are not equal in their potential impact. This figure is not included in the publication, but the issues noted in it are. Briefly: sandy soils store less organic carbon, but have a higher methane storage potential compared to clay soils. Wetlands hold (much) more soil organic carbon than uplands, but have a smaller methane sink compared to uplands. Drylands store less organic carbon, but more inorganic carbon. Tropical regions have more carbon in biomass and less in soils, with the reverse in colder climates. In all cases, methane sinks are very small.

The article can be downloaded here.

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